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In today’s hyper connected world, where we have an endless amount of data at our finger tips, 24 hours a day, a customer can have multiple ways or “channels” in which to have an interaction.  They could come into your store, browse/use your website, they could call, or chat, or text, or communicate through dozens of various social media platforms.  ALL of these methods have and DO leave an impression upon your customer and formulate a certain level of experience within their mind as to where they rank your product, your service, your brand.

More often than not, companies are ill equipped to not only provide a method of interaction across all of those channels, but do so in a way that is easy, reliable, and provides their customers value. We can provide the strategy, tools and management in order to take your business from its current state, to a future state of success that not only takes care of you but more importantly takes care of your customers.  And not just NOW, but for the foreseeable future.

There are thousands of great companies operating today at a fraction of their full potential – simply because they aren’t providing excellent customer experience.  We will be their lighthouse.  Let us also be yours.

our services

Customer Experience Assessments

Before any company can build an impactful, efficient and unified corporate CX program, you have to make sure every part of your company understands what CX is and why it’s important for everyone to become aligned in order to achieve CX success.  Our Customer Experience Assessments are engagements designed to help you take the important first step of discovery—before you start investing any considerable time or resources in specific CX initiatives.

Whether you’re starting a new CX program from scratch or giving your existing program a complete reboot.  Our assessment will make sure you start your efforts from a position of strength by establishing a robust organizational foundation from which to launch from. Our team will work directly with your senior management team to:

  • Analyze current and future state corporate goals, and how they can affect and be effected by your corporate CX efforts and goals.
  • Highlight any potential organizational hurdles that could impede the success of your CX program.
  • Discover potential new CX opportunities with the potential to convert into new or improved business results with new CX initiatives.
  • Identify critical resource needs and gaps, so you can take the appropriate action that can potentially accelerate the progress of your CX efforts.
Customer Experience Strategy Planning

Developing impactful Customer Experience Strategy with the end goal of effective customer experience programs are always led by a dedicated team that acts as the tip of the spear for the transformation. These individuals, are instrumental in introducing a customer experience program to the workforce and getting a program off the ground. The key is to start from the bottom and look for influencers on the front lines – from sales and marketing to the contact center/BPO to operations.

Another core piece of any customer experience program is the collection of the intentions, experiences and expectations of your customers. Today there is an overabundance of ways to engage your customers, from simple customer care surveys to tracking studies to endless feedback buttons and even to social media. Many times the various insights gathered, and the means in which they were collected are considered comparable, and businesses ineptly apply the same analytic tools, processes and reporting structures on all of that data that can be quite diverse in scope and importance.

Companies like Apple and Disney have proven the immense power of a strong CX strategy, as well as the negative repercussions of an unused or non-existent one. This leaves companies with little choice but to commit to the improvement of their customer experience through a holistic and customer-centric strategy, technology and process.  Our team will work directly with your senior management team to:>>>

  • Conduct a Customer Experience Assessment (see above).
  • Coordinate and align your company’s CX goals, so you can target your CX efforts and resources where they will have the biggest influence on overall business outcomes.
  • Create an efficient and impactful corporate governance structure to facilitate a united CX program across your entire company.
  • Help define the energetic connections between your company practices, employee actions, customer perceptions, customer behaviors, and business outcomes in order to drive your customer experience program forward successfully.
  • Create an annual customer experience plan, for your organization to follow.
Customer Experience Program Management

Customer Experience Program Management gives you immediate access to customer experience experts and professional who are ready to establish, execute and manage your internal CX programs and initiatives.  This create capacity and insight for your in-house team(s) so they can focus on the key drivers for CX and corporate success rather than hundreds or thousands of day-to-day operational details. Additionally, it can augment and boost your company’s ability to push forward with high-value CX programs even if / when your internal CX resources are limited or don’t currently exist.

We have decades of experience within the Customer Experience field, including all other aspects and departments within a corporate structure.  Our team has proven methods to utilize and protect the integrity of your data, in order to maximize the success of your CX programs and corporate goals.

We are ready to provide the services and expertise you need to complete or complement your team. Our CX Program Management team has the ability to integrate resources for strategic consulting, deep analytics, expert training, and top to bottom, end-to-end management of all your CX programs and initiatives.

VoC / VoE Program Assessment & Strategy

Today customers are in control, shifting the power from the brand to the customer. As a result, marketers are now required to anticipate their customers’ needs, wants and expectations in order to be competitive. This is where Voice of the Customer (VoC) comes into play. VoC is no longer an item that would be ‘nice to have’, but a critical component to understand your customer’s lifecycle and create meaningful experiences for your empowered customers.

A Voice of the Employee (VoE) program then enable you to develop just as important employee engagement and satisfaction, and ultimately drive customer loyalty by gaining access into the insights your employees have about every customer experience. Today, now more than ever a VoE program can be just important as a VoC program, in order to connect your employee and customer insights—helping you take decisive action on the most pressing needs of your employees, customers, and business.

TrueCx’s detailed assessment measures the effectiveness of your current Voice of Customer & Voice of Employee programs.  This includes the quality of the VoC/VoE analytics, the broadness of your VoC/VoE listening capabilities, and how effective it ties into all other CX programs.

Customer Journey Mapping

Proper Customer Journey Mapping creates a vital and powerful visual representation of the journey your customers take with your brand, services and products. With Customer Journey Mapping, you can identify crucial analytical measuring points, and evaluate attitudes and emotions that affect your customers’ impressions and decisions.

We work with the world’s first SaaS-based software platform, which enables true customer co-creation. CX Workout allows you to deeply understand exactly what is happening at any point in your customers’ journey with the click of your mouse. Customers bring their journey to life with videos and photos of their actual experience; you see their reactions; hear their voices; capture their emotions and learn their ideas for improvement; all right at your fingertips.

True Omni-Channel Strategy & Systems Integration

In order to be able to collect and analyze all of that feedback across all of the multi-channels at your disposal, those channels need to be integrated providing a seamless experience for the customer.  All of the channel data, but the vast amount of data from your company’s silos need to be feeding into a business intelligence platform.  This BI platform then needs to be able to provide a level of automation and analysis, that then feeds that data back out to the various departments, when and as they need it in order to support and propel the company’s CX and corporate goals and initiatives.  This is what is known as true “omni-channel”.

We can assist your company in looking at your company’s data holistically. By focusing on the customer experience, and utilizing true omni-channel through integration, business intelligence, we can help our customers eliminate choke points and turn cost centers into revenue generators.

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